Hem Homeopati i Världen

Homeopati i Världen

Ca 200 studier som visar att homeopati fungerar

Robert Medhurst BNat DHom: "I’m constantly amazed at the ease with which critics of homeopathy confidently declare that there’s no evidence for homeopathy, and even more amazed at the lack of scrutiny that’s given to this statement by the media"

Homeopati och graviditet

Indien. Forskning visar att gravida kvinnor som får homeopatisk behandling har kortare och mindre smärtsamma förlossningar. Även risken för komplikationer minskar.

Det är möjligt att bota autism med homeopati

Se filmen "Saving a Lost Generation" som visar barn som tillfrisknar från autism tack vare homeopatisk behandling, vitamintillskott och kostomläggning.

Homeopathy College: Now You Can Get a Doctorate in Homeopathic medicine

The American Medical College of Homeopathy's (AMCofH) new four-year doctoral program is the first of its kind in the country and will provide the most comprehensive homeopathic medical training in North America.

Intervju med professor George Vithoulkas

We had both heard about the internationally acclaimed Greek homeopath and the Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award) he was honored with in 1996 ‘for upgrading Classical Homeopathy to the standard of a science’, and being fans of homeopathy and complementary medicine overall we were thrilled to find that right there on Alonissos we had the opportunity to visit the Academy and meet the Professor himself.

Homeopater demonstrerar för bättre villkor

Homeopater i Pakistan demonstrerar för rätten att arbeta på statliga sjukhus  

ECCH news

Viktiga Nyheter från European Council of Homeopaths

The truth about homeopathy on the NHS

FACULTY OF HOMEOPATHY The NHS homeopathic hospitals in the UK are staffed by conventional doctors trained in homeopathy and they would never recommend homeopathic vaccination instead of conventional immunisation. With approximately 7 million people in Britain using homeopathy, it is more important than ever that patients get proper advice from meopathically trained healthcare professionals on the NHS.

Brain Tumor Patients Using CAM Therapies

HAMBURG, Germany—Approximately 40 percent of patients with incurable brain tumors have used complementary and alternative therapies, including the use homeopathic remedies and vitamins, according to a new study

Homeopati botar eksem på fotsulor

Dr.Nishant has treated a number of cases of eczema with simple homeopathic medicines. His new method of advanced homeopathy offers speedy recovery. Nishanth Homeo Clinik Estd. Since 1980.