High levels of satisfaction with homeopathy in pediatric oncology in Germany


In a recently published article in the open access journal ’Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine’ researchers compared the responses of homeopathy users (HUs) and users of other forms of CAM (NHUs) in pediatric oncology (PO) in Germany.

The study concludes that homeopathy is the most frequently used CAM treatment in PO in Germany. HUs sustain treatment and therapies considerably longer than NHUs. Most families who had used homeopathy before their child was diagnosed with cancer also used homeopathy for the treatment of their child’s cancer. Compared to other CAM treatments, patient satisfaction with homeopathy appears to be very high. The study also shows that non-medical practitioners played a considerably greater role as source of information than did treating physicians.

A full copy of the abstract and report can be found here


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