Homeopati ett alternativ till antibiotika


There are many viable strategies that offer more reasonable alternatives to antibiotics and forego the aggressive “chemical warfare” strategy that ultimately damages both our health and the health of our environment.

These alternative methods reflect a greener, gentler approach that stresses individualized treatment, an ecologically sustainable symbiotic balance, immune resiliency, and illness prevention.

Classical homeopathy is first in this field with more than two centuries of archived experience dealing with a vast diversity of infectious illnesses. Homeopathy has proven its benefit through epidemics and public health crises leading to improved health in the face of allopathic naysayers, political expulsion, and excommunication from the academic world.

Homeopathy combined with certain naturopathic approaches, responsible nutrition, and intelligent lifestyle choices can offer a potent alternative to antibiotic overuse. These treatment approaches work to assist and strengthen the immune system rather than deplete it.

These methods can be extremely helpful as first-line, primary defenses that limit more damaging allopathic approaches. A side benefit is that most of these methods embody ecological and environmental sustainability, are non-toxic, and support the intrinsic homeostatic mechanisms of the body.

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