Homeopathic Stories: Ledum


Ledum palustre, marsh tea, is a flowering plant. In North America, it is found in Canada and Alaska. It is one of the most important homeopathic remedies for puncture wounds.

James Tyler Kent, M.D., writes in the Lectures of Homeopathic Materia Medica (1904):

“The horse sometimes steps on a nail. If that nail goes through and strikes the margin of the coffin bone, tetanus will follow. It is known to be almost sure death. Put Ledum on the tongue of that horse and there will not be any trouble for it prevents such conditions.”

Ledum is also indicated if a person is experiencing arthritic pain that is accompanied by restlessness and is diminished by cold applications or immersing the limb in ice water.

Perhaps the most commonly used current indication for Ledum is in the treatment of Lyme disease in animals and humans.

While Ledum is not the only homeopathic remedy indicated for Lyme disease, it is probably the most commonly indicated remedy.
In this homeopathic physician’s experience, Ledum can make the symptoms disappear in patients with blood-test-documented Lyme disease and can make the Lyme blood-test results go from positive to negative.

Of course, this only occurs in those patients for whom Ledum is indicated. Ledum will not work where another homeopathic remedy is indicated instead. Read more


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