Another Point of View for the Homeopathic Trials and Meta-Analyses


Georg Vithoulkas

The already published research on homeopathy in the last ten years, in its majority, has followed wrong lines and therefore is causing and will continue to cause confusion and uncertainties within the medical profession. The problem was created from peer-reviewers who obviously were not eligible to peer review such a new subject.

Yet, homeopathy is growing in the preferences of the patients. Therefore, research should be the first step in a series of decisions, for putting an order to the anarchistic way that this therapeutic modality is developing at the moment. If the medical community wants to see the real effect and also the limits of homeopathy should aim in having good research. If this crucial problem is not understood and solved, mainly by the prestigious medical journals, then homeopathy will continue to expand unbelievably but haphazardly while the medical profession will pretend that such a thing does not exist. Läs mer Hpathy


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