Misuse of donation for research into alternative medicine



In 2006  philanthropist Barbro Osher, Swedish Consul in San Francisco, and the Osher Foundation in the USA donated 43 million SEK to the Osher Centre at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, for research into alternative medicine.  

The purpose was to investigate and integrate the best of alternative medicine into the ordinary health care system.

However, the scientists in charge of the fund and responsible for this research have used the money for their own research projects and given some of it to other projects which have nothing to do with the wishes and instructions of the donator.

So what can you do? Please let your voice be heard by clicking on this link:


When it comes up on your screen, type in the right-hand column:

– Name  (“namn”)
– City (“stad/ort”)
– Let the mark be left in the tiny square if you want your name on the left side of the page
– Write the verification code (“verifikationskod”) in the empty square on the left (numerals or letters)
– Finally press the button “Skicka” (=send).

If you are from a Scandinavian country, or you can read Swedish, (there is a translation button on the site) can read more about it at:


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