Homeopathy to be taught at yale due to this video


The opponents of homeopathy, (and why it should have any is becoming more and more of a mystery) are saying that homeopathy is not evidence based medicine, when in fact, that’s all there is. How is it that anyone could believe that people would accept homeopathy as real based on nothing more than theory? There has been no theory for the action of homeopathics, it stands alone.

The opponents of homeopathy speak of it as if we, the users, didn’t know how it’s made, which is completely counter intuitive to how most people think the world is put together. Who would think that by dilution in water it could have a biological effect on plants, animals and on human beings, not just biological effects, but psychological effects? Are the opponents of homeopathy really aware of the biological tests that have been done on it? Are they aware of the extensive biological tests that have been done on it? Do they know how many of these tests show the action of homeopathic substances? Read the Witt review of biochemical testing on homeopathics. The only people I see switching sides are skeptics, who as research scientists performed biological or biochemical testing on homeopathics and witnessed their action.

The great French immunolgist Jacques Benveniste is an example of a scientist who was skeptical of homeopathy who had the courage to put it to the test, and when he reported his results, he was crucified.

The evidence for homeopathy has been all there is to support it. It is an orphan medicine that makes use of a crypto molecular pharmacy and it stands on its own two feet, there has been no theory for homeopathy, there is only evidence, there is only the evidence of its action to support it, unlike the profit driven misery making of the petro chemical synthesis of today’s modern pharmaceutical industry . . and organized skepticism has become its lynch mob.

Ladies and gentlemen, the opponents of homeopathy are not interested in science. Not in the least. Science is only a front for them. They will stand up on their two hind legs and bray that there is no science, but when you place it in front of them, they will say it not good enough. They don’t want to lose face, so they must cling to their arrogance.

If this is a false doctrine then why is it being studied and used at the nation’s top hospital? If this is a false doctrine, then why has it been used to treat heads of state? If this is a false doctrine then why are Nobel prize winning scientists and the heads of material science departments at major unvisiersities endorsing it? Why are contless doctors using it in their daily practices?

Why shouldn’t that be good enough for the teeming mob to take a second look and ask, hey, if it works for them, maybe it will work for me. Why shouldn’t I give it a try? I’ll tell you why. There’s more money in making misery than there is in preventing it. Today’s medical industry, if you can dare to call it that, is like the fireman who starts a fire so he can have some work.

Back in the days of slavery when a nigger got uppity, they’d send him to the slave breaker, to break him, to beat him into compliance and destroy his spirit. This practice continues today. This nigger had the audacity to get up on his hind legs and get uppity, and so Yale University, old skull and bones, has turned me over to their slave breaker to break me. His name is Steven Novella, better known as Dr. No., a professor of neurology at the Yale medical school. But I won’t call him doctor, because doctor is the Greek word for teacher, and the master said call no man teacher, call no man master, your only master, guide and god is your Father in Heaven, not Yale university, not Steven Novella. You are no man’s nigger. You’re God’s nigger.

And so the raving atheists at the Yale University medical school have given this straw professor the task of breaking me down and getting me to shut up.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a rock. And this rock is exceedingly hard. All who fall against it will be broken, all who fall under it will be ground to dust. Steven Novella has fallen under this rock and Yale university has fallen on it.
What is this rock? It is the truth!


  1. Jacques Benveniste blev inte korsfäst. Det visade sig att han INTE kunde upprepa sina experiment. Tvärtom, det visade sig att han och hans stab på labbet gjort en hel del systematiska mätfel.

    Allt finns tillgängligt att studera: http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1988Natur.334..287M

    Men vad hindrar det youtube-killen ovanför? Han bara babblar på om att det finns massvis av bevis i det oändliga, istället för att lägga fram bevis. Det är löjligt.


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