Homeopathy Proven Better Than Conventional Medicine for Eczema



NaturalNews) No benefit exists in using the highly toxic drugs for eczema pushed by conventional medicine. Homeopathy has better results without the use of harmful products. A peer-reviewed journal reports that there is no reason to subject your children to life-threatening steroids for eczema.

The report, published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine, documents a one-year study of one to sixteen year-old children with eczema. The children treated with homeopathy had equal or better results than those treated with corticosteroids. More intriguing is that those children whose conditions were worse at the beginning of the study had greater degrees of improvement with the homeopathic treatment.

This is clearly a win-win for patients. Why would anyone choose potent drugs that can permanently damage health when there’s another, safe option? When you add in the fact that homeopathically-treated children may fare better than those treated by conventional medicine, then it’s inconceivable why any parent would consider putting a child at risk by treating eczema conventionally, when homeopathy is a safe option.

Read more: Trial Methodology and Results



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