Fyra vetenskapliga studier visar att homeopati fungerar


1. Homoeopathy Could be an Answer to Prevent Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infection

The results of the study showed a significant decrease in the pocks (discrete foci of cell proliferation and necrosis) count when the JE virus infection on CAM was challenged with homoeopathic medicine Belladonna in different potencies, in comparison to placebo.

http://pib.nic.in/release/release.asp?relid=63128 Forskningsrapporten  finns på: http://ccrhindia.org/Decreased%20Intensity%20of%20Japanese%20Encephalitis%20Virus%20Infection%20in%20Chick.pdf

2. A research study at the Wageningen University in Holland suggests that homeopathy may be an alternative to antibiotics in neonatal diarrhoea of piglets.

This is a randomised, observer blind and placebo-controlled trial done on piglets, not prone to placebo effect. It is another remarkable example of a study showing that homeopathy works and that there is scientific verification for it.

http://homeopathyresource.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/new-study-at-dutch-university-homeopathy-works-for-e-coli-diarrhoea/ Forskningsrapporten finns på: http://www.archibel.com.mx/downloads/LiesbethEllinger-HomInPiglets.pdf

3. A homeopathic remedy based on arsenic oxide has shown ”highly promising results” in mice poisoned with arsenic, say Indian scientists.

The homeopathic antidote reduced the liver toxicity induced by arsenic in mice, where distilled water did nothing, and alcohol actually exacerbated the poison’s effects.

Läs mer: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4305-homeopathy-reduces-arsenic-poisoning-in-mice.html

4. Och en studie på cancerceller

Läs mer: http://homeopaten.bloggsida.se/bevis/high-potency-homeopathic-medicines-affect-cancer-cells


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