Gemma Hoefkens lever idag tack vare homeopatin

"Läkarna sade att jag bara hade sex månader kvar att leva" säger Gemma Hoefkens, som nu är helt frisk tack vare homeopatin.

Hur fungerar homeopati egentligen?

Vad ar det för mekanismer som styr den homeopatiska processen egentligen? Ja, den fragan har nog många homeopater och lekman ställt sig.

Homeopathy consultations can benefit arthritis patients, say scientists

In a study published in the journal Rheumatology, researchers found that arthritis patients significantly benefited when they received homeopathy alongside conventional treatment over a period of 6 months

Homeopathy is timeless and without limit

Artikel från Natural News: Homeopathy is an ancient idea, recognised by keen observers of nature

Alternative treatment options for dealing with chronic pain

Chronic pain is said to be the most costly health problem in North America, with annual costs exceeding $100 billion including direct medical expenses, lost income, lost productivity, compensation payments and legal charges.