Case: AIDS-sjuk man




Anna Rosenkvists artikelserie ”Homeopat-volontär i Afrika” fortsätter, med att visa exempel på hur journalanteckningar kan se ut .

Här är ett exempel på hur en journal kan se ut


Name: Kuresei M

Date: November 2012

Patient No: 922

Sex: M

Date of birth: 1977

Status: HIV pos

ARV: yes, he is on ARVs

CD4: 6 (=very low, should be at least over 200-350)

Clinic: MMM-sisters, Garamtoni

Practitioner: C


Observations: Seems a bit backwards or dull
Skin: Is very bad, eruptions all over the arms and legs, itching
Night: Tiredness in the whole body
Food: Taking a lot of water, < hunger
Headache? No headache, just thoughts, thinking about life, he doesnt get enough food
Appite? Good
Digestion? No problems Elim? No problems Sleep? Scratches, then sleeps well
Discharge?  Yes, colorless
Dreams? No
Energy: Low, is very tired and weak, can not work on his field (if you can´t work you get no food!)

Remedy:  Graphites 12C one dose every day


Follow up: Date: 30th January 2013

Practitioners: N&L

Observation: He has dark marks on itchy skin.

Camilla saw it & said it could be karposi’s sarcoma  (AIDS-sign) -> Ozone is a good remedy for that is Camilla´s and Jeremy´s experience.)

How are you since last time? Remedy helped, itching is less

Energy: Good

Thirst: Drinks a lot as he has been told by healthsister, but he is also thirsty

Skin: Itching arms and legs,  has scabbing and thickening skin

RX: Ozone 12c daily + multi vitamins  and we give him TZS 1500 for food


Follow up: Date: 14/2/13 Follow up   (only two weeks since last time, but it is good to check as he has AIDS)

ARV: yes

CD4: No new CD4 since last time when it was  6

Practitioner: Anna

How are you doing since last remedy? Better, he feels OK now

(The translator Martha,  who has seen him before, says that the skin is much better! She says that he looks better and has more energy)

Legs: Still eruptions but less, no itching now, water was coming out before, now dry.

Arms: Eruptions better

Mind: He tells that his neighbour had twins and she died, 20 days ago. He is sad because of that.

Mind: No fear, now I feel OK. Not ebough food

Energy: He didn´t have enough energy so he could not work in chamba (garden, field) now he can go to shamba  and weigh is better, 83 kg

Observation: Seems  slow, dull

Sleep: No problems

Dreams? Doesn´t want to tell, just answers: “life is so difficult!”

Social: One wife, 3 kids.The wife is HIV-positive, no the children. She doesn´t like to talk anything about it. She is using ARVs. He wants sister Martha (social worker) to come and talk to the wife.

RX: Ozone 12c continue. Alternate every second day. + Selenium 6c every second day + Vitamines. I gave him money for the bus home.


Anna Rosenkvist




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