The truth about homeopathy on the NHS


The NHS homeopathic hospitals in the UK are staffed by conventional doctors trained in homeopathy and they would never recommend homeopathic vaccination instead of conventional immunisation.

The poor advice by lay practitioners highlighted in the BBC programme ‘Magic or Medicine’ points out the importance of state regulation of homeopaths. With approximately 7 million people in Britain using homeopathy, it is more important than ever that patients get proper advice from meopathically trained healthcare professionals on the NHS.

The homeopathic hospitals treat patients that largely haven’t been helped with conventional medicine and if denied homeopathic treatment they would generally go back to more expensive conventional treatments. Who will bear the cost if NHS funding is cut?  It will be tens of thousands of patients that depend on homeopathy and us the tax payers.

Homeopathy has a growing evidence base with over 140 clinical trials with many more of them being positive than negative. This is important when the British Medical Journal states over 50% of the treatments provided on the NHS have no known effect or are harmful.

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