Forskarkonferens om Homeopati den 31 maj – 2 juni 2013


Spjutspetsforskning om homeopati, HRI Internationella Homeopati Research Conference
Barcelona den 31 maj – juni 2, 2013

Homeopati Research Institute (HRI) är glada att tillkännage vår inledande konferens i Barcelona.

At this landmark event we will be bringing together both active researchers and those with an interest in homeopathy research, to hear from world experts about their latest findings and what they see for the future of this rapidly developing field.

Confirmed keynote speakers include: Dr Gustavo Bracho, Dr Peter Fisher, Dr Stephan Baumgartner, Dr Elio Rossi and Prof Chris Endler.

 Information for submission of abstracts will follow shortly, with full details to be released in June 2012, at which time registration and accommodation booking will open.

Källa: NCH


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